Langhorne, PA

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The Langhorne Bourough is a small bourough located in Bucks County, PA. This is part of the larger Middletown Township, which is filled with beutiful parks, farms, colorful wooded areas, and historical grounds. Langhorne was important for trade in the 18th Century as traders coming from Trenton, NJ would stop in Langhorne before continuing to Philadelphia. The Langhorne Hotel, built in 1704, is a popular hotel and tavern to this day. Langhorne Hotel
Middletown was also home to the former Langhorne Speedway, one of the most feared racetracks that operated between 1921 and 1971. Despite hosting NASCAR races in its heyday during the 1950s, it remained unpopular with drivers due to its difficulty and danger – 27 people lost their lives on the track. Shortly after closing, the property was developed into a shopping center and has since been designated as a historical site.

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